Hatteras Restaurants: Seafood Specialties & Steam Bars

Across the Hatteras restaurants scene in Outer Banks seafood steals the spotlight. As is the custom of Outer Banks cuisine, many places serve up big, broiled or fried platters of fresh seafood – most of which is locally caught. Mahi mahi bites with beach fries, shrimp tacos and fried oyster sandwiches are available in surplus at many restaurants in Hatteras. In fact, it’s often not surprising that several of these eateries are long-standing local establishments where villages and fishermen gather to share stories, have a drink and grab a bite. Hatteras restaurants also include some less-expected players in their seafood dishes. The seafood, which changes by availability and what’s in season – often reflects the chefs’ creativity at these restaurants. They’ll play with different flavors, and diners get to taste the result in innovative preparations of shrimp succotash, artistically seared tuna or flavorful Hawaiian poke.