Hatteras Island Daytime Events

One of the many great aspects of Hatteras Island is that Hatteras activities are happening year round. Say goodbye to the days when Hatteras events occurred only between Memorial Day and Labor Day because now there’s always something going on to entertain athletes, artists and students of the area's history and flora and fauna. Hatteras activities can vary between the Triple-S Invitational, lectures at the Graveyard of the Atlantic museum, pottery classes and glass-crafting workshops. Some of these activities happen weekly or even multiple times a week, so it’s easy to check them out once you learn how they can factor into your vacation’s schedule. Other Hatteras events occur more sporadically or maybe even once a year. If there are multiple activities that have captured your interest, check their listings and prioritize based on when and how often they occur. Go to that kite boarding competition today, the pottery workshop will happen again on different days. Or, if you have flexibility on your trip dates, you might choose one week over another in order to be here when a big event, such as Day at the Docks, Starry Night on Valentine's Day or the Hatteras Christmas parade, is happening.

Many Hatteras activities are great fun for the entire family. Arts and crafts are offered for children and adults alike, and while some workshops are open to all ages, others gear more toward children or adults. It’s a good idea to check a company’s website or call them to find out what works best for whom. Admission prices vary between activities, and you can check out the Hatteras Island coupon tab to see if any of the activities you’re considering have coupons available. So what are you waiting for? Get out there, explore, learn and have some fun.

E.g., 07/16/2018
E.g., 07/16/2018

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