Hatteras Nightlife

For Every Evening Hatteras Island Event

It is true that Hatteras Island is more isolated than other areas on the Outer Banks – that's why most of us love it, right? That said, though, don’t plan on sitting around and twiddling your thumbs, wondering what on Earth you’ll do after the sun sets. Hatteras nightlife offers a selection of activities throughout the summer and year, many geared, of course, to enjoying the great outdoors. Hatteras Island events like these invite you to unwind before dinner with family-friendly games on a big, grassy space. Sit back and be entertained by a fire spinner or performer. Have you ever been on a bioluminescent kayak tour? Or when's the last time you went out with a group for a stargazing soiree or sat next to your sweetie under the night sky while enjoying some amazing live music? Hatteras nightlife offers these sorts of experiences and more. Also, be sure to keep an eye out for annual Hatteras Island events coming up on the calendar – there are numerous ones on the island each year. Their dawn-to-dusk activity keeps the scene lively from day to night.

Relax with Hatteras Nightlife

If you want a Hatteras Island event that keeps the evening fun and low key, head to Buxton for Bingo every Wednesday night. (Let’s be honest here: We all get excited when you just need one more square to be able to loudly exclaim that you're the winner!) And then there's the type of Hatteras events after the sun goes down that involve friends, drinks and tons of fun. 

When you aren’t yelling out the winning word at Bingo, you can use this page to check out other diversions for nightlife happening around Hatteras Island. All of these Hatteras Island events are great to do with your family or even solo – it’s entirely up to you. Check out the listing below to see when and where you can partake in Hatteras nightlife.