Nora's Wish, Lawn Décor

Lawn Décor

Liven up your yard with some nautical or animal themed decorations!
Nora's Wish, Vintage Fishing Lures

Vintage Fishing Lures

Great for collectors and fisherman alike!
Nora's Wish, Vintage Style Hats

Vintage Style Hats

Old school style hats for guys and girls of any age!
Nora's Wish, Beach & Coastal décor

Beach & Coastal Décor

Make your house look like a beach cottage with vintage buoys, decorative shells, duck decoys, model boats and all kinds of ocean themed flags!
Nora's Wish, Surfwood Jewelry

Surfwood Jewelry

Outer Banks Artist, Mark Slagle, collects driftwood and creates stunning pieces of jewelry by adding resin and sand.
Nora's Wish, Antique Handline

Antique Handline

Add a bit of Outer Banks history to your decor with this antique handline!
Nora's Wish, Custom Gift Baskets

Custom Gift Baskets

Give us a call at (252) 987-3037 to order your custom gift basket!
Nora's Wish, Local Jewelry

Local Jewelry

Commemorate your Outer Banks vacation with a beautiful jewelry set from Nora's Wish!
Nora's Wish, Beach Photography

Beach Photography

Find the perfect beach photo for your home or vacation home at Nora's Wish!
Nora's Wish, Vintage Postcards

Vintage Postcards

Check out our collection of vintage postcards, maps and photographs for the perfect beach souvenir!
Nora's Wish, Shell Mobile

Shell Mobile

Preserve your vacation memories with this shell mobile! Perfect for indoor or outdoor use!