Hatteras Fishing

Including Hatteras Fishing Charters

Of all Outer Banks fishing locations, many would argue that Cape Hatteras is the mecca, the big kahuna, the place that serious anglers call home. So, why is Hatteras fishing such a big deal? It’s the chance to head offshore on a Hatteras fishing charter to fight blue and white marlin, sailfish and giant bluefin tuna or to bring in a healthy catch of yellowfin tuna and mahi mahi. If you ever experience the thrill of strapping into a chair, feeling that initial tug and then hanging in through the long, sometimes exhausting but always exhilarating experience of reeling in of that huge fish, you know that taking a Hatteras fishing charter or trip of your own are activities you’ll want to repeat.

Some would even say Hatteras fishing is the sport-fishing capital of North Carolina, and people here take it seriously. The notoriety of the Outer Banks fishing experience has spread so far and wide that many visitors come here for that alone. Never mind the beach, sound, shopping or whatever else those other visitors come for. For anglers with the penchant for Hatteras fishing, nothing else hooks their attention.

Choosing Hatteras Fishing Charters

Hatteras charter fishing boats go after the big game of the Gulf Stream that’s easily accessible from Hatteras Village marinas year round. There’s Hatteras fishing, then there’s Hatteras fishing charters, where anyone can charter a boat to take them offshore fishing. The boats take up to six passengers and supply all the bait and tackle you’ll need plus a mate to help you navigate the ropes. And, with six Hatteras Village marinas, you can get on a boat somewhere!

Of course, offshore fishing charters aren’t the only draw for those with an angling affinity. Fishing in the Hatteras Island sound, on near-shore wrecks, in the surf and from piers are equally popular choices. Numerous guides are available to take you out on inshore fishing trips in the sound or on near-shore ocean wrecks. There are currently two fishing piers in this area.