Things to Do in Hatteras: Swimming

Swimming is one of the favorite things to do in Hatteras. Unless you have a private pool at your hotel or vacation rental, swimming on Hatteras Island is limited to the open water sound and ocean. And that’s fine for most of the year. Swimming at the Cape Hatteras beaches is great in the summer and fall because the water is very warm. If you plan on swimming at a Cape Hatteras beach, only go if you’re a strong swimmer. Ocean swimming is much different than pool swimming. If you’re only somewhat confident in your ocean-swimming skills, swim near a lifeguard on Hatteras Island (available only in the summer). Sound swimming is safe for swimmers because the sound is so shallow that you touch the bottom when you’re swimming from shore. Be sure to brush up on swimming safety and rip currents before you swim from the Cape Hatteras beach.