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While watersports in all their various forms might be the main recreational activities that draw people to this island, the popularity of Hatteras Island shopping plays an important role in drawing people to the towns sprinkled through the island. There are wonderful stores that dot the long and winding road through Hatteras, and you’ll be pleased with the quality and variety of opportunities.

Hatteras shopping gives you a true taste of the local life on the island – the shops are all owned by residents, which allows for distinctive personality and character within all of them. And they stand out even more under the management of friendly staff members who are always ready to help you find whatever you’re looking for – if they don't have it at the current Hatteras shop, they can point you in the direction of someone who does. Of course, you can expect to find the basic necessities during your Hatteras Island shopping spree, be that a get-well card, a good book for the beach, a latch for the screen door or backing for your fly line. One large chain grocery store, a couple of smaller but well-stocked mom-and-pop grocers and several gourmet shops fill the food needs on Hatteras Island. You’ll find tackle stores in every village, and watersports equipment shops are everywhere.

Have Fun with Hatteras Shopping

But shopping, especially in a new place while you’re vacationing, is one of the best times to pick up something frivolous and fun. Whatever that ends up being, you will happen upon in while Hatteras shopping. There is no shortage of Cape Hatteras and Outer Banks themed souvenirs, from miniature lighthouses to design-your-own t-shirts to hermit crabs. You’ll also find clothes and the essentials — jewelry, clothing, bathing suits, beach toys, watersports equipment, home decor, gourmet food and incredible artwork by local and national artists. You could easily spend an entire day of Hatteras shopping by cruising from Rodanthe to Hatteras Village, though you may find the bulk of your attention is drawn to Avon, Buxton and Hatteras Village, where there is the biggest concentrations of retail stores.

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Village Market Red & White

Hatteras Shopping
57196 Kohler Road, Hatteras
(252) 986-5226

This grocery store in the heart of Hatteras village, formerly Burrus Red & White, dates back to 1866 and was run by the same family for more than 150 years. Needless to say, it's a trusted community fixture. New owners fully renovated the store in the winter of 2018 and re-opened in May 2018 with a new name – Village Market Red & White –...read more

This grocery store in the heart of Hatteras village, formerly Burrus Red & White, dates...read more