Things to Do in Hatteras: Surfing & Bodyboarding

Hatteras and surfing have gone hand in hand for more than 50 years. When the pioneering surfers of North Carolina discovered the great breaks and waves on Hatteras Island, it was the beginning of a decades-long love affair with Hatteras surfing. Cape Hatteras surfing is especially well-known, and surfers of all levels flock there, especially in hurricane season when the swells are super. Hatteras Island surfing is made easier with rentals, sales, lessons and advice from many Hatteras surf shops. Cape Hatteras surf reports can be found through Hatteras surf shops as well as online. If you catch a good Cape Hatteras surf report, get out to the breaks as soon as you can and use your best wave etiquette so that everybody gets a chance.