Hatteras Restaurants: Take-Out Only

In a day busy with Hatteras activities, such as beachgoing, windsurfing or standup paddleboarding, you’ll Hatteras restaurants where you can grab food without being held up. Eateries’ take-out-only services are perfect for you – or, heck, simply perfect if you want a bite to enjoy at a beach or sound location. Head to bakeries for muffins or egg-and-cheese biscuits, or pick up a box of donuts to take back to your cottage. When the lunchtime hunger strikes, delis serve up enormous, made-to-order sandwiches. If you want to picnic, check out the island’s food trucks where you’ll find smoky barbecue or tacos made with local fish. Enjoy the fresh air at their outdoor seating areas or head out with your delicious grub in tow.