Oden's Dock is home to many boats dedicated to making the most of the waters around Hatteras Island. You'll find vessels of all kinds docked with us, including fishing charters, tour boats and recreational vessels. Whatever waterborne adventure you seek, there's something for everyone at Oden's Dock.

Sportfishing Charters

Free Agent - Custom Sound Charters, Capt. Rick Caton
Inshore & Offshore Sportfishing & Crabbing

Ken Dempsey Guide Service, Capt. Ken Dempsey
Inshore Fishing & Waterfowl Hunting Trips

The Little Clam, Capt. Patrick Caton
Inshore & Offshore Sportfishing, Bottom Fishing

Whatever Sport Fishing, Capt. Freddy James
Offshore, Nearshore & Inshore Fishing

Capt. Snag Sportfishing, Capt. Dale Layne
Offshore Sportfishing

Team Dempsey Guide Service, Capt. Jake Dempsey
Fishing & Waterfowl Hunting Trips

Head Boat Fishing

The Cap'N Clam & The Miss Hatteras, Captain Stowe Head Boats
Inshore & Offshore Fishing Trips and Scenic Cruises